Scribe for Makers was created by ScribeLabs – a company founded by Tim Clark, a sports geek with an engineering background and experience bringing new technologies to consumer markets for companies like Activision and Red Octane. ScribeLabs launched its first product – RunScribe – as a successful Kickstarter that shipped in 2015. Today, RunScribe is used to provide real-world gait analysis for athletes, coaches and clinicians.

During the development of RunScribe, the ScribeLabs team received endless requests for access to the hardware for different applications – from equestrian sports and fitness tracking to head tracking for virtual reality applications. As a small team trying to get our first product off the ground, we helped where we could. Our hardware was used for academic studies and research projects, but we quickly realized that researchers and creators needed an integrated motion sensor with production-level quality. We worked with our manufacturer to beef up the specs of our initial RunScribe footpod, and are offering Scribe for Makers as a kit for designers. Scribe for Makers is production ready, but is an invaluable tool for the design process:

  • Consumer-grade hardware is robust and water resistant – so it can stand up to real-world applications
  • Integrates advanced tech into a single package to ensure consistency and give designers confidence to replicate and scale testing
  • Eliminates design cycles and resources on hardware development, testing and manufacturing
  • Includes 4 mounting options – adhesive, clips, straps or a wristband.
  • Provides an easy way to bring products to market – whether you need 2 sensors or 10,000 – the design and hardware production work is done and available for purchase at volume pricing through ScribeLabs