Meet Scribe. Motion Sensing In A Mighty Little Package.


An integrated 10-axis motion sensor kit to help design, test & productize your ideas.

Fully Loaded

Scribe for Makers integrates the latest tech in a single package:

  • Bluetooth® MCU
  • 9-Axis MPU (3-Axis Gyro, 3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Magnetometer)
  • Miniature altimeter module with high resolution pressure & temperature sensing

When you’re working with proven hardware, it’s easy to design & commercialize your ideas.

  • Scribe for Makers is consumer grade, robust and water resistant – so it can be used for real-world applications
  • Eliminates design cycles and resources on hardware development, testing and manufacturing
  • Whether you need 2 hardware pods or 10,000 – the design and hardware production work is done and available for purchase through ScribeLabs


Production Grade + Design Kit

Rapid Design & Testing

Reliable and robust, Scribe for Makers lets designers focus on applications instead of hardware. It’s flexible -and can be mounted by clips, straps, adhesive or on a wrist band. It gives you oodles of data – its configurable to stream, log or store data. And it comes with the tools you need to get started.


Manufacturing hardware is painful. We know – it took us over 3 years to design, test & manufacture Scribe. Scribe for Makers is in production as a shoe-based wearable used by athletes racing through creeks, mud and dirt. When you design with Scribe for Makers, you know you’re working with proven hardware. If you decide to bring your idea to market, you can purchase hardware from Scribe Labs to package and sell yourself.

Go Forth & Measure

Scribe for Makers is lightweight & robust, and comes with mount options for straps, adhesive, clips and a wrist band – so you can measure and build applications for pretty much anything. Here’s a few ideas!



The Story Behind Scribe

Scribe for Makers was created by Scribe Labs – a company founded by a team with experience bringing new technologies to consumer markets for companies like Activision and Red Octane. Scribe Labs launched its first product – RunScribe – as a successful Kickstarter that shipped in 2015. Today, RunScribe is used to provide real-world gait analysis for athletes, coaches and clinicians.

We have received endless requests to open up access to our hardware for different applications – from fitness to equestrian sports to head tracking for VR and gaming. As a small team trying to get our first product off the ground, we helped where we could. Scribe was used for academic studies and research projects, but we quickly realized that our fellow creators needed a quality integrated motion sensor. We worked with our manufacturer to beef up the specs and created the APIs & tools to let you take advantage of the hardware we’ve spent years developing.


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